About Truskavets

About Truskavets

The Truskavets Balneological Resort is stretched among the charming, shallow wooded slopes in the foothills of the eastern Carpathians in the valley of the Vorotichesh River (Dnipro River Basin) at an altitude of 350-400 m above sea level, 90 km southwest of Lviv and 70 km from the border with the European the union



On the territory of Truskavets concentrated large reserves of underground mineral water with 14 natural sources and deposits of "mountain wax" - ozocerite. The attractiveness of the resort is provided by the medicinal hydrocarbonate-sodium-calcium-poorly mineralized water "Naftusya". Biologically active substances "Naftusyu" are considered as adaptogens that can significantly increase the immune status of the organism. Unsaturated fatty acids, available in Naftusy, provide antioxidant, antisclerotic effect. Separate organic compounds that make up, enhance the function of the liver and kidneys, which contributes to the stimulation of biliary and urinary excretion, and as a consequence, the prevention and treatment of stagnant phenomena in the liver, biliary and urinary tract, prevents the formation and promotes the removal of small stones from the kidneys and bile ducts. bubble "Naftusya" provides the excretion of toxic substances from the body, including radionuclides. In addition to Naftus, such sources of mineral waters as "Maria", "Bronislava", "Sofia", "Yuzya" are indispensable in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Due to substances of glycerine origin, "Yuzya" has a beneficial effect on the skin, turning it into elasticity and elasticity.


"Bronislav" - used in diseases of the upper respiratory tract - it is used to rinse the nasopharynx. Salt "Barbara" is used in chronic diseases of the hepatobiliary system, the gastrointestinal tract and intestines. "Mountain wax" (the only deposit in Europe is four kilometers from the resort) - the basis of ozokeritotherapy - it performs anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. The resort conducts research and diagnostics of 28 clinical and 14 biochemical laboratories, in particular, immunological and clinical-bacteriological laboratories, laboratories of immune enzyme and radioisotope diagnostics, functional diagnostics of the cardiovascular system and endoscopic examination. There are three museums in Truskavets - the history of the resort town, the unique life-time museum of the people's artist Mikhail Bilas and the Diocesan Museum.


In Truskavets, you can not only get well, but it's also interesting to have a rest. Rest in Truskavets is also complemented by the ski resorts of the Carpathians, the ancient Lviv. In Truskavets there are more than 70 sanatorium and resort establishments, which can accommodate up to 25 thousand holidaymakers at the same time. Different level of comfort and loyal price policy: from tenant sanatoria - to small boarding houses, private sector (about 50 private villas), modern SPA complexes and five-star hotels. All these factors make it possible to choose living conditions and satisfy the needs of the most demanding holidaymakers. Truskavets is one of the oldest balneological resorts of our country. The first written mention and testimonials about the Truskavets resort relate to 1827.

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