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Diagnosis and treatment in Truskavets

Rest in Truskavets in the “Lisova Pisnia”- resort is fresh air, mineral water, diet nutrition and various physiotherapy methods.



The medical center “AQUA MED” of the hotel complex “Lisova Pisnia” is equipped with the latest diagnostic, balneological, physiotherapeutic and cosmetology equipment. The base of the “AQUA MED” medical center is constantly evolving and improving. In the wellness process, the newest equipment is being introduced, and employees periodically pass their advanced training. Specialists of the medical center in the process of recovery The guests are trying to reach the maximum, as evidenced by positive reviews, as well as numerous awards and victories in the ratings of enterprises.



For Guests of the center “AQUA MED” created all the conditions for complex treatment, improvement and prevention of many diseases. The professionalism of medical staff, advice from experienced physicians, as well as a comprehensive body examination, allows you to find the most effective health improvement or prevention program.

Lisova Pisnya
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