Speleo-relaxation therapy

Inhalation therapy in the Medical Center "AQUA MED"

The fierce pace of life, constant stress, the deterioration of the ecological situation lead to the search for new methods to combat diseases and illnesses of the present. One such method is inhalation therapy: varieties of aerosol therapy, speleotherapy and singlet-oxygen therapy.   


Inhalation therapy at the AQUA MED Medical Center of the resort hotel “Lisova Pisnya” is used not only for the treatment but also for the prevention of respiratory diseases, such as acute respiratory infections, chronic respiratory diseases, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, allergies, ENT diseases. Inhaled therapy is good for both - adults and children.


At our medical center “AQUA MED” you can clear your respiratory system, to prevent allergies, stregthen your immune system, recharge your energy with the inhalation therapy. Included in the package price "ALL MED" for resort complex "Lisova Pisnia" Guests are:

  • inhalation of vitamin, inhalation of silver drop;
  • salt cave;
  • singlet-oxygen therapy.


Aerosol therapy- a method by which, using an inhaler, a medicinal substances has therapeutic influence on the respiratory tract and lungs. Aerosol therapy is an integral part of the treatment and prevention of acute and chronic diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract.   

Speleotherapy is the most effective, non-pharmacological method of treatment and prophylaxis, based on the influence of finely dispersed salt aerosol. We designed a unique place with an artificial microclimate of a salt cave with rock salt walls and floor, which disinfects air, and the installed halogenator automatically fills the room with the necessary concentration of salt aerosol during the entire session. The salt imperceptibly deposits on the skin and penetrates the respiratory tract, having healing effect on the whole organism.Staying in a salt cave prevents viral, infectious, ENT diseases and just is a pleasant, relaxing procedure that improves your emotional state.

Single-oxygen therapy - a method of healing with activated oxygen, air and water. Singlet oxygen is formed when the steam-water mixture passes through an ultraviolet-magnetic activator. Oxygen cocktail singlet (phyto-oxygen foaming) favorably affect the immune system, increases hemoglobin levels, stimulates metabolism and regenerative processes in the body without side effects.


* Speleo-relaxation procedures included in the “ALL MED” package are available for guests staying for 5 days or more.

** The number and types of medical services in the package are determined solely by the individual characteristics of the organism according to the result of the examinations and the consultation with a Physician-therapist.

*** All prescribed procedures for holders of “BB” and ”ALL SPA” packages are at additional cost after a free consultation with a Physician-therapist.



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