Children's Rope Park

The children's rope park

The rope-park in the resort hotel "Forest Song" is a logically connected complex of obstacles of various complexity, from ropes, cables, wooden and plastic products, stretched from tree to tree. All obstacles are integrated into the routes depending on their thematic orientation, which in general creates an exciting journey.


The children's rope park (lasagna) is the best kind of active rest for your children, which helps to develop not only physical (strength, endurance), but moral and volitional qualities (courage, perseverance, ingenuity, ability to pre-think their actions).


Hours of work:


summer period

(з 01.05 до 30.09):

09:00 -21:00, daily weekends.

winter period

(з 01.10 до 30.04):

09:00 -18:00, daily weekends.


* Visiting the rope park, for guests of the complex - free of charge

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