Health programs of the Medical Center "AQUA MED" of the resort hotel "Lisova Pisnya" are developed on the basis of preventive and rehabilitation medicine and are aimed at improving, preventing and restoring your body. One of such procedures is the heat treatment.


The main types of heat therapy used in the health resort sanatorium "Lisova Pisnia" for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system, the digestive and urogenital spheres - mud therapy and ozokeritotherapy. The therapeutic effect of thermal therapy is based on the activation of the metabolism when heating a certain area of ​​the body.

Also in the department of thermal treatment of the Medical Center "AQUA MED" experienced specialists with many years of practice are cleaning the colon using procedures - hydrocolonotherapy and microclysters.


In the cost of the package "ALL MED" for guests of the resort and health complex "Lisova Pisnia" includes procedures for thermal treatment:

  • ozokeritoparaphinnotherapy.


For additional payment:

  • hydrocolonotherapy;
  • microclysters (pumpkin oil, probiotic, chlorophyllipt).


Ozokeritoterapiya - a method of thermal treatment for which ozokerite is used - a fossil mineral wax of oil origin (Carpathian wax) consisting of a mixture of paraffin, ceresin, mineral salts and resins. With high heat capacity and low thermal conductivity, ozocerite slowly cools down, for a long time giving warmth to the body. Ozokeritochemistry successfully used for inflammatory diseases of superficial tissues and internal organs, injuries of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the digestive system, skin and ENT organs.

Hydrocolonotherapy is one of the new techniques used to prevent many bowel diseases, as well as to purify the body in chronic diseases of the internal organs. During the procedure deep cleansing of the large intestine is carried out on the most modern apparatus.

Microclysters are a medical procedure aimed at clearing the large intestine from toxins, through the administration of solutions of medicinal substances.


* Therapeutic procedures included in the "ALL MED" package are for guests staying from 5 days. ** The number and types of medical services in the package are determined solely by the individual characteristics of the organism as a result of research and consultation of a physician-therapist. *** All procedures are issued on packages "BB", "ALL SPA" for payment after a free consultation of a physician-therapist.

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