Balneological department

Department of Hydropathy

Today, like for many decades, balneotherapy remains a popular physiological procedures in the form of receiving baths and showers with the use of mineral substances.


The resort hotel “Lisova Pisnya” offers you a course of balneotherapy. Advanced technologies, advanced equipment, medicinal properties of mineral waters will help you achieve the highest therapeutic effect.


Balneological treatments (hydromassage and mineral baths) are ideal for treating joints, nervous system, musculoskeletal system, as well as for strengthening the body, accelerating metabolism, activating blood circulation, improving immunity and normalising sleep.


Here is the list of hydrotherapy procedures included in the cost of the package “ALL MED” for Guests of the resort health complex "Lisova Pisnya":

  •  mineral baths with aroma additives;
  •  pearl bath with aroma additives;
  •  a whirlpool bath with aroma additives;
  •  circular shower.


For additional payment:

  • Sharko's shower;
  • underwater shower-massage with hydromassage and aroma additives.


Mineral bath - baths containing various salts and minerals (mineral water). Mineral elements of mineral water positively affect metabolic processes of the organism, increase immunity, provide antiseptic effect, promote acceleration of skin regeneration, improve blood flow and normalise the work of the endocrine system.

Pearl baths - therapeutic baths in which pressurised air bubbles rise from the bottom and intensively massage the body immersed in the water. Water bubbles, saturated with oxygen, have a beneficial effect on the skin by improving its appearance, improve blood circulation, relax muscles, relieve fat accumulation, help in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, and improve the mood substantially.

Whirlpool bath - hydrotherapy with water jets and vortices under water. The vortical bath stimulates microcircular processes in the skin, improves blood circulation, increases the functional activity of the joints, and has an analgesic effect.

Circular shower - thin water jets are poured under pressure all over the height of the body. Circular shower has a tonic effect, it is beneficial in diseases and disorders of the central nervous system, in  stress and irritability, increases emotional and physical activity, as well as leads to the elimination of accumulated slags and toxins.

The Sharko Shower is a contrasting jet shower of warm and cold water. As a result of the regular use of the Sharko's shower, the nervous system, the cardiovascular system and the immune system are naturally strengthened, the body becomes gradually strong and resistant to illness. The swirling shower will help relieve tension, increase muscle tone, which is irreplaceable in weight loss.

Underwater shower-massage - a hydrotherapy procedure in which an immersed in water body is massaged with a jet of water. The effect of the underwater shower-massage on the body is that after a course of procedures it improves metabolism, increases the circulation of blood, activates the work of the lymphatic and venous systems, and removes physical and mental stress.Baths and showers have a soft effect, so there are no practicular contraindications for these procedures.


Therapeutic baths and showers at Medical center “AQUA MED” of the hotel complex “Lisova Pisnia&” is an effective natural tool for treatment of a variety of diseases, in addition it is a pleasant relaxing procedure. We invite you to have treatment and relax at the Truskavets resort and health hotel “Lisova Pisnya”, where you can not only improve your health, but also rest well.


* Hydrotherapy procedures included in the ALL MED package are for guests staying for 5 days or more.

** The number and types of medical services in the package are determined solely by the individual characteristics of the organism according to the result of the examinations and the consultation with a Physician-therapist.

*** All prescribed procedures for holders of “BB” and “ALL SPA&rdquo packages are at additional cost after a free consultation with a physician-therapist.

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