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Biuvet - resort hotel "Lisova Pisnia".

Ukraine is extremely rich in diverse medical resources. On its territory more than 500 sources of mineral waters, some of which are located in the resort town of Truskavets.


The pearl of balneological treatment in Truskavets is considered to be the resort hotel "Lisova Pisnia", where you will get the opportunity to undergo a course of drinking treatment with mineral waters. In the lobby of the hotel there is a pump room with mineral waters: "Naftusya" and "Maria", which have an ideal balance of necessary minerals and elements.


"Naftusya" - hydrocarbonate, magnesium-calcium, weakly mineralized water with high content of organic substances of oil origin. Access to air quickly destroys organic matter, so it can be consumed only in the pump room. Has a specific flavor and a slight smell of oil, especially for those who use water for the first time. It promotes the elimination of inflammatory processes in organs and tissues, stimulates the application of small stones and "sand" from the kidneys, gall bladder, urinary and bile ducts, reduces the lithogenicity of urine and bile (eliminates the risk of re-molding). Naftusya normalizes metabolism, in particular, carbohydrate metabolism in patients with diabetes, normalizes the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, increases the activity of the glands of the inner secretion, protects and restores hepatic cells, removes radionuclides from the organism, and slags and undoxification of metabolic products. Possesses diuretic, choleretic, spasmalytic, analgesic action, relieves inflammation in the kidneys, urinary tract, liver, intestines, and the like. Thanks to immune-modulating action restores the protective forces of the body to prevent cancer.

Therapeutic Naftusya Truskavetsky deposit of analogues in the world no. 


"Maria" - chloride-sulfate-sodium water "Maria". The total mineralization of 4-5 g / p reduces gastric secretion, stimulates the motor function of the intestine, enhances bile formation and bile secretion, promotes the dilution of mucus and its evacuation from the stomach, and reduces the inflammatory process of spastic effects of the digestive tract.

Lisova Pisnya
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