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Plunge into they entire atmosphere of calmness and relax!

  AQUA SPA in the health resort hotel "Lisova Pisnia" is a special philosophy that provides an absolutely new attitude to yourself, your health, your soul state and appearance.

For improvement of health and relaxation rest we provide our guests with:

  Finnish sauna - is the sauna of dry embers that has slow humidity and high temperature. During visit to the sauna exchangeable processes in your body increases, circulation of the blood is stimulated, a great amount of toxins and clinkers are taken out, the feeling of tiredness disappears and you plunge into the state of soul calmness and carelessness;

  Rome steaming room - is tiled with marble and decorated with mosaic ornament: it is also filled with exhaust steam and humidity of about 100% that fills the room so fully that you cannot even be seen. Due to the combination of temperature and humidity, your body warms up and cleanses very well with abundant perspiration;

  A great basin with waterfall (14 m long, 1.5 m deep and water temperature 25-27 C°) – is a strong stream of water that will bring your muscles in tonus, strengthen your health and gives you pleasant impression from swimming;

  Contrasting basin (11.1 m long, 1.5 m deep and water temperature 8-12 C°) – due to the high temperature your vessels expand and sudden switching over to the cold water quickly narrows pores so that your cells cleanse. Such procedures will improve your general condition, return health and beauty to your skin;

  Relax-room - it is really worth visiting our rest room after all the water procedures. To birds singing and sounds of nature you will forget about town hustle and bustle, your problems, clear your thoughts from all the excessive anxiety.

  AQUA SPA in the health resort hotel "Lisova Pisnia" is aimed at the improvement of health and relaxation of the entire body with the help of activation of metabolism, stimulating of the blood circulation, taking toxins and clinkers out of your body and improvement of general condition.

Working hours:
Daily from 10:00 to 22:00
Technical break from 15:00 to 16:00

* All sessions of SPA-complex AQUA SPA will be available for an additional charge.

"Lisova Pisnia" suggests you a pleasant rest in AQUA SPA health resort!!!