There is an outdoor children's playground on the territory of the hotel complex "Lisova Pisnya", which is surrounded by forest. It is equipped with a tube track for sliding, which has a high-quality covering, making it easy to accelerate on the tubing (inflatable camera). A solid plastic bottom provides the extra strength and safety of the tubing. The knobs mounted on each side of the handle allow you to control the balance during sliding downhill. You can slide at any time of the year together with your children. In the winter you can slide on the snow, and in the summer, on a special plastic cover. The length of the track is 80 m.


Tubing is a completely safe entertainment for lovers of outdoor activities. A boost of positivity and good mood for you and your children after a ride on the tubing is guaranteed.


Working hours:

summer period

(from 01.05 till 30.09): 09:00 -21: 00, every day.

winter period

(from 01.10 to 30.04):09:00 -18: 00, every day.



* Use of the tubing park for guests holding ALL SPA, ALL MED packages is free of charge.

Lisova Pisnya
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